A K-Pop Group’s Dorm Was So Messy Even A Professional Cleaner Refused To Clean It

They found a different way to solve their problem.

While some K-Pop groups have strict rules for their dorms—especially for cleaning—the members don’t always follow those rules in real life.

During their appearance on Weekly Idol, Jellyfish Entertainment‘s boy group VERIVERY hilariously exposed that their dorm became so messy at one point that they needed professional help.

VERIVERY | @weeklyidol_/Twitter

Because cleaning was the current topic of discussion, maknae (youngest member) Kangmin admitted VERIVERY “lived in a mess for three months” before they started weekly dorm cleanings.

Although Yeonho and Gyehyeon tried to deny the level of messiness, Yongseung humorously shut them down, “They’ve gotten used to living in a dumpster.” Despite their denials, Kangmin exposed how messy their dorm had been.

Kangmin revealed that they hired a professional cleaner to tidy up the dorm. Unfortunately, it was so messy that the cleaner couldn’t help and walked out instead.

We actually asked someone to clean up the dorm. But the cleaner gave up and just left.

— Kangmin

The youngest member was so honest that Yeonho reminded him, “We’re idol singers!” while the rest of the members stopped Kangmin from saying more.

Making them laugh, Yongseung imitated how the cleaner had a meltdown and shouted, “The cleaner was like, ‘I can’t do this!’” Even so, VERIVERY found a different way to solve their problem.

All seven members cleaned the dorm themselves, spending between three and four hours doing so. Even they admitted it was “too much work for one person.

After the funny incident with the cleaner, it looks like VERIVERY has learned their lesson and has been keeping up with their cleanings.


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