Victor Han Pleads Fans For Donations Just 10 Days Ahead of His Trial Against CORONA X Entertainment

Victor Han has been sued by his agency following his departure from AboutU.

Former leader of AboutU and YouTuber for the channel Victor the Drum Destroyer, Victor Han is asking fans for donations 10 days ahead of his trial against CORONA X Entertainment.

In the video, Victor Han revealed that he received a notice that his trial will take place in 10 days and that he needs money to hire a lawyer.

I’ve been working to save money for the trial. I used up all of my savings for my grandmother’s hospital fees. But I just got notice that the trial is 10 days away. When I filed a lawsuit, it took months.

– Victor Han

He explained that despite his wishes, he has decided to put aside his shame and ask fans for donations so that he can afford to fight in court.

There have been many people who have expressed their wishes to help me out, so I’m shamelessly filming this video. I intend to use the donations I receive in the next 3 days to hire a lawyer. If I lose, I’ll be restricted from participating in broadcasts, YouTube, composing, and songwriting for 6.5 to 7 years.

– Victor Han

As such, Victor Han pleaded,

I didn’t want to film a video like this. I know I’m being shameless, but if you can even donate 1000 won (~$0.85), that’ll help me greatly.

– Victor Han

Ahead of this upload, Newsen reported CORONA X Entertainment’s claims that Victor Han spread false information suggesting that he was fired from the agency for unfair reasons.

CORONA X Entertainment claimed that during stage rehearsals, Victor Han asked a female staff for scissors and caused a fuss while trying to harm himself, which led to his departure from the group.

Regarding this claim, Victor Han stated,

I’ve suffered from depression and panic disorder since before my debut. But I’ve never threatened anyone by trying to harm myself.

– Victor Han

The agency has charged Victor Han for defamation and submitted a petition to prevent Victor Han from engaging in activities related to TV and entertainment.

Source: Insight