This Victoria’s Secret Angel Is A Certified BLINK

Her bias is Lisa!

Josephine Skriver, a model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, has established herself as a certified BLINK!

On April 20, 2019, the model took to Twitter to post these tweets.

Josephine also attended Coachella 2019 and watched BLACKPINK‘s set! She even posted an Instagram story of her rocking out to “KILL THIS LOVE”!

She posted another one where she jams out to “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”!

The Victoria’s Secret Angel also posted a photo to her Instagram and the caption shows just how much she loved BLACKPINK’s performance!

The model was lucky enough to meet BLACKPINK member Lisa during her time at Coachella! She gives Lisa a hug and even if we can’t see her face in the video, we can feel the happiness radiating just from the short Instagram story she posted of the sweet moment. Lisa looked just as happy, a grin never leaving her face as they talk.

She is one lucky BLINK!