Video Of Brave Girls Getting Scolded For Their Weight Is Making Headlines — 5 Years Later

They get called out by their producer.

Brave Girls is making headlines again for something that happened half a decade ago.

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Back in 2016, producer Brave Brothers featured as a guest on MBC‘s I Live Alone. Brave Brothers is the man behind some of K-Pop’s biggest hit songs such as, 4Minute‘s “What’s Your Name”, AOA‘s “Miniskirt” and “Like A Cat”, Sistar‘s “Ma Boy” and Sunmi‘s “Full Moon.” He is also the founder of Brave Entertainment and the mastermind behind the viral girl group, Brave Girls.

During his time on the show, a clip was shown to viewers of him chatting with the members of the girl group. The topic that was discussed was none other than dieting and the girls’ weights. The producer joins the girls in the practice room while the girl group was practicing for their song, “Deepened.”

Still from “I Live Alone” | MBC

Brave Brothers asked the members if they had eaten, to which they respond that they had eaten salads.

“We ate salads.” | MBC

It was to their response that the producer began his scolding session.

“You guys stole sandwiches and chocolate and ate that.” | MBC

All of the members froze in place after hearing his statement and prepared themselves for what’s to come.

“All completely frozen.” | MBC

Brave Brothers continued with his remarks by speaking some harsh truths to the girls.

Still from “I Live Alone” | MBC

 You guys have to be in charge of dieting and trying to look your best for your promotions. I told you guys that you can eat what you want if you’re confident in how you look.

— Brave Brothers

While his scolding started on off a harsher note, the producer reeled it back by expressing why he wants the girls to look the best they can.

Still from “I Live Alone” | MBC

You guys have to work harder to do your best. That’s the only way your efforts will be shown to the public. If the public feels touched, then that’s when they will show you guys the love.

— Brave Brothers

The producer didn’t stop his speech there. He shared with Brave Girls the amount of work that goes behind the scenes so that they can look good.

Still from “I Live Alone” | MBC

There are dozens of people who work so that you guys can perform and promote. They stay up all night and work harder than you all. If you guys disappoint them, those people will lose the will to work because they won’t understand why they do what they do if you don’t put in your effort.

— Brave Brothers

Brave Brothers concluded his message for the girls by sharing his love for them.

Still from “I Live Alone” | MBC

You guys are my babies so it doesn’t matter to me because you guys are always pretty to me. So please, even if it’s just during your promotions, be careful about what you eat and just endure.

— Brave Brothers

Brave Girls recently went viral thanks to a YouTube video of their song “Rollin.” Since then, the girl group has seen a massive surge in popularity, winning their first ever first place trophy on Inkigayo.

Since then, the girl group has been making headlines due to various different reasons and this I Live Alone clip happened to be one of them. You can watch entire clip of Brave Brothers chatting with Brave Girls down below.

Source: WikITree and Twitter