A Video Of A Man Helping A Woman In A Wheelchair In Korea Goes Viral—Here’s The Wholesome Reason Why

He’s raising all of our standards!

Recently, a video of a young man and woman in Korea has gone viral, and the reason is unbelievably wholesome and heartwarming!

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A video from the YouTube channel 일미터 One_Meter has been going viral among netizens not only in South Korea but worldwide. The video in question was a social experiment done with a person in a wheelchair!

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She asked people to help her cross the crosswalk since it was raining and she had no umbrella. Still, many were so preoccupied to notice her.

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It seemed as if no one would help her, and she would be stuck. Finally, a man who had been walking by returned when he realized that she needed help.

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When he returned, she explained that she didn’t have an umbrella and needed assistance crossing the crosswalk to go to her next destination.

Woman: Excuse me. I left my umbrella on the train…so… Would you mind helping me cross the crosswalk?

Man: Ok, sure, no problem.

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Without hesitating, he agreed to assist her. He also handed her his umbrella so that she would be entirely protected from the rain.

As agreed, he helped her cross the crosswalk…

That was not all, though. The young man made sure that he took her exactly where she needed to go before he left.

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While some more people ended up helping her, this man specifically caught the attention of netizens all around the world because of his selflessness in the situation. It’s no wonder that it has gone viral across multiple social media platforms! Just on YouTube, it has garnered over 300,000 views as of October 29 since its original upload on June 22, 2021. With over 400 comments, Koreans are praising the people’s compassion!

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Repostings on other social media platforms, such as TikTok, have also gained hundreds of thousands of views. A video clip of just the young man helping the actress has over 13.9 million views on TikTok with 2.3 million likes!


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At the end of the YouTube video, he revealed why he was so moved to help her. Despite having other plans that day, he stopped because he saw someone in need of help.

I was on my way to meet my friend and saw she was asking for help. I approached her to give her my umbrella because I thought she needed one. But she asked whether I can help her across the crosswalk and so, I helped her.

— Man

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The PD noticed that he not only helped but gave her his umbrella, leaving himself to get rained on. The young man showed true compassion and selflessness in his actions.

I can buy a new one. It’s more difficult for her to buy a new umbrella than me.

— Man

| 일미터 One_Meter/YouTube

Netizens are in disbelief over the man’s kind gestures throughout the video. It has become too rare to see people caring for others like this.

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Restore your faith in humanity and watch the full video here:

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Source: 일미터 One_Meter