A Video Of A Man Helping A Woman Suffering From Menstrual Cramps In Korea Goes Viral—Here’s The Wholesome Reason Why

Netizens couldn’t believe what he did!

A video of a young man and women in Korea has gone viral, and the reason why is unbelievably heartwarming!

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A video from the YouTube channel WonderMan has been going viral among netizens worldwide. The video in question is about a social experiment with a young woman in South Korea! The video features actress Jey U, collapsing from menstrual cramps to see how others will respond in the situation.

In the beginning, she starts to fall, audibly groaning in pain. Still, no one comes to check on her. Instead, they go about their busy days.

Finally, some other women come up, checking on her and offering assistance. They were empathetic towards her as they knew the pain she was going through because of periods.

At some point, a whole group crowds around her to make sure she’s okay. They all ensured her safety before leaving.

One young woman took time out of her busy schedule to help Jey U. She even said she would call an ambulance or taxi, whatever she needed!

Jey U: Aren’t you busy?

Woman: Doesn’t matter. I will get you a taxi first. The taxi can stop just in front of here. I will help you walk to the taxi.

Another girl never left her side through it all, even after the rest of the crowd left. She suggested that they should go to the hospital when someone else came along…

Girl: If you go to the hospital… You can get the treatment.

Man: Does it hurt a lot?

A young man arrived and got off his bicycle to check on the situation. Even after hearing that it was menstrual pains, he was unphased and immediately did his best to help.

Knowing that he was not leaving her alone but that the other girl would stay by her side, he left his bicycle behind. From there, he went off to a convenience store or pharmacy.

When he returned, he had both water and medicine for Jey U. Clearly, he had run to and from, so he adjusted his shoes and removed his jacket, probably exhausted!

Jey U: Did you buy water for me?! I’m so sorry. Isn’t the drug store far from here?

Man: It’s alright.

The girls were shocked by his thoughtfulness and kind gesture. Even after asking how she could repay him, he told Jey U that it was not very far and assured her not to worry.

Jey U: How should I repay this…

Man: If the pain gets worse, then take two pills. Get three pills per day.

Jey U: You’ve been running to buy this. Thank you very much.

Man: I’ve run not too far. It doesn’t matter.

While many people ended up helping her, he, along with the other young lady, caught the attention of netizens all around the world because of their genuine kindness in the uncomfortable situation. It’s no wonder that it has gone viral across multiple social media platforms! Just on YouTube, it has garnered over 134,000 views as of October 7 since its original upload on September 14, 2021. With over 100 comments, Koreans are praising the people’s compassion!

| WonderMan/YouTube

Repostings on other social media platforms, such as TikTok, have also gained hundreds of thousands of views too. A video clip of just the young man helping Jey U has over 500,000 views on TikTok with 72,000 likes!


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At the end of the YouTube video, he revealed that he thought she was pregnant since she was holding her stomach at first glance. Seeing her in so much pain, he went to find out what was wrong.

So I asked you the situation and ran to the drug store.

— Man

Netizens are in disbelief over how anyone could be so thoughtful and nice. It’s not every day you see acts of kindness like this.

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Some are wondering if the young man is single. Because if he’s not, well, there might be some takers!

| sadiafza/TikTok

Restore your faith in humanity and watch the full video here:

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Source: WonderMan
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