[★VIDEO] 100 Years Of Korean Beauty In 1 Minute

As part of their “100 Years of Beauty” video series, the team at Cut.com has created a short video beautifully illustrating how Korean beauty in both the South and the North has evolved over the past one hundred years. 

Starting with a colonial-era look from the beginning of the 20th century and ending with a gorgeous modern look from today, the video even splits once it reaches the 1950’s to show how makeup and fashion has developed separately across the borders of North and South Korea.

The video begins in the 1910’s with a stunningly regal and classic look from Korea’s period after first being colonized by Japan.

100 Years of Beauty - 1910s

Soft and sleek curls with naturally sharp makeup characterize the look of the 1920’s.

100 Years of Beauty - 1920s

Bright red lips and a decorated hat are the style points of the 1930’s look.

100 Years of Beauty - 1930s

The 1940’s offered up a more loose and free look for women.

100 Years of Beauty - 1940s

The 1950’s marks the historical split into the ROK (South Korea) and the DPRK (North Korea), with the South sporting a glamorous old-Hollywood look in stark contrast to the North’s militarized fashion.

100 Years of Beauty - 1950s

Big hair and brighter makeup characterizes South Korea in the 1960’s in comparison to the natural country look from North Korea.

100 Years of Beauty - 1960s

The influence of Western style is apparent in South Korea in the 1970’s while a bright summer look is on display in the North.

100 Years of Beauty - 1970s

In the 1980’s, South Korea is ready to get bold and funky while a more simplistic and stoic look is favored in the North.


A cute and poppy look was typical in the 1990’s in the South while a functional and conservative look exemplifies the North.


K-pop makes it’s mark on South Korean beauty in the 2000’s while the North sees a return to fashion in the form of military uniforms.


Finally with the up-to-date fashion of the 2010’s, South Korea favors long flowing hair with bold makeup while North Korea favors a tighter and fresher look.


Check out the full video of a century of Korean fashion below: