Video Of WJSN Cheng Xiao Getting Pissed Off At Trainees

You wouldn’t like Cheng Xiao when she’s angry.

Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao is a dance mentor for China’s Idol Producer and is gaining attention for getting pissed off at the male trainees’ inability to practice properly.

She got pissed off at Dong Yanlei for continuously missing the opening beats during practice for “PPAP”.

The other “PPAP” team members didn’t fare any better, though, as Cheng Xiao called out Liang Hui for being slow with the choreography and Jiang Dahe for being out of focus and offbeat.

Cheng Xiao didn’t feel like the trainees were practicing seriously enough as, even though some of them are sick, they weren’t showing enough effort. She asked if any of them felt this was unfair treatment.

During practice for “Dance to the Music”, Cheng Xiao called out Hu Zhibang for failing to match the choreography.

“Hu Zhibang, what’s wrong with you?”

Even after multiple attempts, he was still unable to match the choreography properly, leading Cheng Xiao to angrily tell them “start again.”

Watch the video below: