Viewer Frustration With “The King: Eternal Monarch” Production Team Explodes After A “Historically Inaccurate” Scene Airs

“What a horrifying mix and match of history…”

Actor Lee Min Ho‘s new K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch has been battling heavy criticism with every episode…

… and as highly anticipated as the series had been, viewers grow more frustrated with the production team. In the latest Episode 6, Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Gon, the emperor in the parallel universe’s Empire of Corea, appeared in this outfit to have his portrait painted:

Unfortunately, Korean viewers couldn’t help but notice the “historical inaccuracy” of the scene. Many pointed out that the golden crown seemed to trace the crowns from the ancient Silla Dynasty…

Types of Silla Dynasty’s golden crowns

… while the embroidered dragon gown seemed to trace that of the ancient Joseon Dynasty.

Actor Lee Byung Hun for the role of a Joseon king, with the correct headwear

Viewers mocked the production team for “being completely unaware of what they are trying to convey“. Aside from the historical inaccuracy, viewers expressed concerns in general — over the poor quality of the production.

In fact, the series had only recently gone under some heat with “subpar computer graphics” used in Episode 5. The King: Eternal Monarch‘s viewer rating continues to drop, reflecting the repeated viewer disappointment.

Since the all-time high of 11.6% nationwide for Episode 2, the numbers have been on a steady decline.

With a handful of ten more episodes to go, viewers are trying to remain hopeful that the production will “improve itself“.

Source: THEQOO and Namu Wiki