Song Joong Ki Reveals The Secret To His On-Screen Chemistry With Kim Seong Cheol In “Vincenzo”

It was definitely iconic!

Fans became encaptured by the tvN K-Drama Vincenzo falling in love with the storylines, characters, and the lead actor Song Joong Ki.

In particular, there was one relationship that fans fell in love with, and that was the bromance between Vincenzo and Kim Sung Cheol, who played President Hwang Min Seong. From their interactions and the iconic prison scene, the two actors’ chemistry was unrivaled.

In a recent interview with Tatler Malaysia, Song Joong Ki was asked how the duo prepared for their scenes together during the series.

Although some of the scenes were quite funny, Song Joong Ki revealed that he didn’t find it awkward at all.

Honestly, it didn’t feel as cringeworthy as one might think. It was actually fun!

— Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki put a lot of this down to the relationship the two personally have outside the world of work.

It was alleviated because Sung Cheol was cast, and we’re very close. So I was able to film and act comfortably without worrying about having to be careful.

— Song Joong Ki

He also praised Kim Sung Cheol’s ability to calm him down and make him feel at ease while the duo was filming their scenes.

Sung Cheol prepared everything, and it didn’t make me cringe. I felt a bit embarrassed and had a hard time holding in laughter. I didn’t feel like cringing.

— Song Joong Ki

Considering how amazing a relationship the two had, it is no surprise that their scenes became fan-favorites and came across so well on the screen.

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: Tatler Malaysia and FI