Viral 3rd Generation Group Announce Member Departure In Absurd Way (And It’s Not The First Time!)

“They’ve done it again 😭😭😭”

Earlier today, S Media Entertainment made a striking announcement regarding the lineup change in the viral third generation girl group LAYSHA. Sia, a prominent member of the group, has decided to part ways, marking a significant shift in the group’s dynamics.

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While the departure of a group member is typically a somber affair, it’s the manner in which the company chose to reveal this news that has raised eyebrows and caused a stir online. Remarkably, this isn’t the first instance of S Media Entertainment employing such an unconventional method for announcing lineup changes.

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LAYSHA, which originally debuted in 2015, has been known for its provocative stage presence and unique charm. The group, comprised of Goeun, Chaejin, Bitna, Jian (a recent addition)Β β€” and until recently, SiaΒ β€” has maintained a steady fan base over the years. The departure of Sia has understandably saddened many fans, but it’s the bizarre nature of the announcement that has sparked widespread discussion and amusement.

I ask for your loving support and encouragement from new member Jian and SIA who is starting a new activity.

β€” S Media Entertainment

The announcement was made through a photograph featuring the four remaining members of LAYSHA, with Sia’s profile noticeably darkened. This peculiar editing choice gave the impression that Sia was either a locked character in a video game or an eliminated contestant in a reality competition.

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The dramatic and almost comical presentation of Sia’s departure has captured the attention of both fans and casual observers alike, turning the announcement into something of a viral sensation.

This isn’t the first time S Media Entertainment has opted for such a dramatic and meme-worthy approach. In the past, the departure of another member, Boreum, was announced in a similarly theatrical fashion, garnering significant attention online for its meme potential.

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The consistency in this unique approach to announcing departures has become a part of the group’s identity, sparking debates about the appropriateness and impact of such methods in the sensitive context of group lineup changes.

The repeated use of this strategy raises questions about the intentions and implications behind such announcements. Are these dramatic reveals a calculated move to garner publicity and keep the group in the public eye, or are they simply a creative but insensitive approach to handling the inevitable changes that come with managing a girl group?

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Regardless of the intent, it’s clear that S Media Entertainment has found a way to keep fans and the public engaged, even in moments of transition and loss within the group.