Here Are The Different Types Of MC Visuals That Korean Music Programs Prefer, According To Netizens

They’re all stunning in their own ways.

Recently, Korean netizens analyzed the female MC’s from various Korean music programs and discussed the unique types of visuals that each individual program prefers. Beginning with Music Bank‘s MC, OH MY GIRL’s Arin has hosted the show along with TXT’s Soobin since July 2020.

As the maknae of her group, Arin has grown before fans’ eyes and went from a young and cute image to her more mature feminine beauty.

Because of her status as the youngest in her group, she also has an innocent type of visual that appeals to Music Bank.

Show! Music Core has had Kim Minju as the female MC since June 2020.

The former IZ*ONE member and visual radiates a classic type of beauty, according to netizens.

She’s irrefutably a visual in every sense of the word!

Inkigayo‘s female MC Ahn Yujin hosts alongside TREASURE’s Jihoon and NCT’s Sungchan since they began in March 2021.

Netizens believe based on her visuals, Inkigayo prefers strong and distinct facial features.

Yujin has the unique beauty of an actress or announcer, making her perfect for the part. However, all of the MC’s are stunning in their own ways!

Source: Nate Pann