Here Are The Group Names VIVIZ Rejected

They could’ve ended up with a totally different name.

Using their names to come up with VIVIZ and giving it another special meaning, the name was perfect for the three members. Before they picked it, there were at least two group names they rejected.

Umji, Eunha, and SinB. | @VIVIZ_official

Before selecting the beautiful name they debuted with, VIVIZ had so many options. There were so many that SinB said, “I’m unsure of how many we should share.” They decided to share only two.

Umji revealed that one of the names had been Three Friends, possibly stylized as 3FRIENDS. There were two problems with the name, though.

Although it paid homage to GFRIEND, the name had been suggested by superiors at the company and didn’t fit what the members were looking for. It also sounded too similar to a phrase no one would ever like to be called. Umji said, “It sounds like ‘Three Idiots’ too.

Umji shared that the second group name was “something fine but not catchy.” It turned out to be Soulmate.

Compared to the other two names, the members made the right choice. As they said, VIVIZ stands out much more and is much easier to say.