VIXX Hongbin Gets Pissed Off At “Fans” After They Begin Hating On N

Hongbin defended his groupmate and brother.

An angry tweet that was recently uploaded by VIXX‘s Hongbin has many fans wondering about the nature of the post.


Although the tweet has since been deleted, the timing of the message has many netizens believing that it was in defence of his close friend and groupmate N.

“Let’s not make someone into a target of hate. Have you considered what it means to the other person when you draw your sword?” — Hongbin


The tweet was posted after some fans began speculating that N would hold a solo fan meeting in Japan on his birthday this year (as he has done so every year in the past). These so-called “fans” started attacking N on online communities.

  • “Not even the king would hold a birthday party for 10 years in the same country.”
  • “If you love all your fans, then have a birthday party with all of your fans.”
  • “Stop making excuses on why you have had a birthday party by yourself for 10 years. Everybody knows that something is off.”


Other fans agreed with Hongbin, defending N’s actions.

  • “How can you call yourselves Vixx fans?”
  • “Thank you Hongbin for gathering the courage to say something”
  • “Even if you are a fan of one person and not the whole group, that is the brother and teammate of someone special to you. How can you say that about them?”


Clearly, N and Hongbin have a close frienship.

Source: Instiz and News Inside