VIXX Leo’s Attitude Towards Dating And Break-Ups Surprises Jung Hyung Don

Totally relatable though.

VIXX‘s Leo recently made his first comeback after his mandatory military service with his third mini album Piano Man Op. 9 featuring the title track “Losing Game”.

VIXX’s Leo | @Real_VIXX/Twitter

As part of the promotions for his comeback, Leo made an appearance on Jung Hyung Don‘s Untitled TV YouTube show. The two were able to discuss the album’s concept in depth with Leo saying that it is about a man who is so in love with someone that he would do anything for them.

Hyung Don spent a lot of the episode teasing and flustering Leo about the lyrical content of the song, including some of the extreme metaphors that can be found throughout the album, and just in general.

Hyung Don also took the chance to ask Leo a few personal questions including when his “last love” was and if it was an office romance. Leo answers honestly, saying that it happened about a year and a half ago!

After that, Hyung Don asks how the person is doing, to which Leo responds that he doesn’t know because he “never contacts them or tries to get them back at all.” Hyung Don is a little surprised and jokingly responds that Leo is “a bad man.” Leo however insists that it is best for both of them that the break-up is cleanly done.

After this moment Hyung Don tells Leo to leave a message for the woman flustering him even more!

Later in the video, Hyung Don shares that he is still married to his first love which Leo responds “respect” showing that he’s not that bad of a guy after all when it comes to romance and relationships!

While this moment is hilarious, it is also nice to see an idol openly talk about his past relationship in this way. Check out the full interview below!