Here’s VIXX’s Leo Living His Sexiest Moment And It Is Simply Breathtaking

Remember to keep breathing.

VIXX‘s Leo, at his most recent solo concert, showed off his mega sexy vibes by letting a fan pour water on him. Other fans who caught this moment on camera began tweeting the video – and it is leaving the internet completely breathless.


Leo can be spotted amidst his fans cheering him on. He then starts gesturing to a fan on the other side of the barriers. He has a water bottle in his hand and he asks the fan to pour the water on him.


The fan takes the honor and proceeds to pour the water from her own bottle. He stands under the water being poured down on him, cooling off and smoothly brushing his hair back.


Leo then gets back to singing and walks away like a sexy god of water. Now the fans who saw the clip gone viral are wondering if those who watched this live are alive and okay after Leo’s sexiness attack!


Leo also let his team of dancers have their fun by creating a waterfall over Leo’s head. Leo got soaking wet – but that didn’t stop his sexiness, only amplified. Look how much fun Leo’s having, getting wet and wild at his concert!


Even when he has the biggest smile on his face, Leo has that sexiness glowing from his flawless skin. From his muscular arms to his translucently blonde hair, Leo is truly a sexy icon and the water only adds to his amazing vibe.


Watch a clip of Leo dancing while he lets another blessed fan pour water on him – but remember to keep breathing:

Source: THEQOO