The VIXX Members Once Were Trapped On A Bus And Kidnapped In Kazakhstan

Being kidnapped by royalty sounds like the plot to a video game!

VIXX‘s charming leader N made an appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star back in March 2018, where he shared an anecdote about every idol’s worst nightmare—getting kidnapped!

Source: Hankyung

At the end of their visit to Kazakhstan, VIXX and their managers were on a bus heading to the airport so they could return to Korea. Everything was going as expected, and once the bus arrived at the airport, the group’s managers disembarked first… Only to find the bus doors quickly shut before speeding off with the members still on board!

We asked where we were going at the bus driver told us that because checking in was going to take awhile they were taking us to the airport lounge first.


Source: Lonely Planet

VIXX, assuming that there had simply been a miscommunication, with information being improperly relayed to their management, they decided to completely trust in the bus driver. With that settled, N revealed they decided to take a nap during the rest of the ride. Meanwhile, their managers were absolutely panic-stricken, doing their best to run after the bus while shouting at it!

Bus Stock Photo | Source: Lê Minh/Pexels

All-in-all, VIXX was just thankful to be treated as VIPs and were glad to be invited to the lounge. Soon enough, their managers caught up and tried to enter the lounge after the group but were blocked by bodyguards who refused to let them in, despite VIXX stating their approval.

The guards told us our managers couldn’t come in because only distinguished guests were allowed.


After the main doors to the lounge opened and a high school girl entered, the members couldn’t hide their confusion and inquired as to what was happening. They were then told that the young girl was the country’s “princess” and that she was a Starlight (fan of VIXX) so she arranged the personal meet-and-greet so she could take photos with the group, particularly N, who she revealed to be her bias.

Apparently, the princess was a fan of VIXX and she liked me best.


Although it was later explained that the “princess” wasn’t actually royalty, in reality, she was the daughter of Kazakhstan’s president, commonly referred to as “the country’s princess”, VIXX is in the unique position of being able to brag that not only were they once kidnapped—but the kidnapping itself had been arranged by “royalty”!

Source: Bestbe Models/Pexels

Under most circumstances, being kidnapped would be just terrible and is truly anyone’s worst nightmare, thankfully, VIXX’s story had a happy ending—and we’re sure their poor managers were grateful too!