Taeyeon Was Once Nearly Kidnapped While Performing On Stage

All these years later, fans are still upset about the incident as justice was never served.

Back in April 2011 when Taeyeon was performing “Run Devil Run” with Girls’ Generation at the Lotte World Ice Rink when a sasaeng managed to sneak on stage and nearly managed to run off with her in tow!

Source: KhanhinKorea/YouTube

If it weren’t for the MC of the show, comedian Oh Jung Tae, and her fellow groupmate Sunny who followed her to protect her, the young man might have been successful in his attempt to kidnap Taeyeon!

To add insult to injury, no charges were filed against the sasaeng as he was deemed simply to be a “passionate fan” and he was instead sent home to “ponder” his “wrongful actions“.

Fellow K-Pop idol Grace Kim discussed this incident on her YouTube channel as one of the scariest sasaeng encounters while pondering where security for Girls’ Generation was!

Source: Cosmopolitan

This isn’t the last time Taeyeon or someone in her circle would be assaulted. In August 2017, sasaeng fans rushed toward Taeyeon, grabbing her and pushing her to the floor. More recently, in 2019, a journalist from a Hong Kong-based news outlet assaulted Taeyeon’s female manager at the airport in an attempt to gain access to her.

Check out the full fancam footage of the incident below:


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