VIXX Members Were Trapped On Bus And Kidnapped In Kazakhstan

VIXX leader N opened up about the incident when he appeared on Radio Star.

This is a story about how VIXX was once trapped on a bus.. and kidnapped while traveling in Kazakhstan. VIXX’s leader, N, shared this story on Radio Star.

Image: Hankyung


The story starts with VIXX on a bus. They’re in Kazakhstan and heading to the airport, ready to fly back to Korea. The bus comes to a stop, right in front of the airport entrance. As VIXX’s manager steps off the bus.. the door quickly shuts behind him.. and the bus speeds off with VIXX still inside it!

International Airport in Astana, Kazakhstan.


VIXX, who are pretty terrified at first, are told by the bus driver not to worry. The driver explained that there was some trouble with the airport’s entrance, so he’d take the boys to an airport lounge instead.


Trusting the driver, the members started doze off, while heading towards the “lounge”. They were completely unaware that the entire time.. their manager was still chasing the bus and screaming at the driver to stop!


N and the other members just thought there was some miscommunication, but were thankful for being treated like VIPs! When their managers arrived, the bodyguards outside refused to let them in to see VIXX. Even after the members said it was ok, they were still not allowed in.

“The guards told us that our managers couldn’t come in here because only approved guests were allowed.”

— N


Finally, the main doors to the lounge opened and a high school girl came in. VIXX were super confused and asked everyone what was going on. It turns out.. they had been “kidnapped” by the President’s daughter. She was a huge VIXX fan and wanted to take photos with them and had them “kidnapped”.

The President’s daughter is often called the “country’s princess” and so VIXX had thought they were meeting a princess at first!


As N finished up with his story, everyone he had just shared it with couldn’t believe him! But of course.. only a K-Pop idol would get kidnapped by the Princess of Kazakhstan. 😂