VIXX’s N Has Now Become A Certified Figure Skater

Being on ice started out as a hobby for this idol, who is now a certified figure skater!

VIXX‘s N began figure skating as a hobby. But as his passion grew and his coach’s recommendation, N decided to take the national figure skating certification exam!

Korea’s figure skating certification examination consists of 8 tiers, from beginner’s level 1 to national champion Kim Yuna‘s level 8.


Coach Choi In Hwa uploaded a picture of herself with VIXX’s N and commented that he has been learning how to figure skate with her.


She added, “I’m so proud of him for doing this when I recommended last minute,” emphasizing the short notice N had to try out for the certification exam.


The coach praised N for practicing hard, keeping a great attitude, and not giving up.


Thanks to his diligence, N is now a certified figure skater who can do spirals, crossovers, and lunges without difficulty!


After passing the certification exam, N also uploaded an Instagram video of himself skating. Fans are amazed at how graceful he looks!

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Could this be the humble beginnings of an idol figure star? Fans agreed in a heart beat that N would make a beautiful dancer on ice.