VIXX’s N Shares Footage From Trip To Thailand With Fans

He looked happy and relaxed.

VIXX‘s leader N revealed on his personal YouTube account that he was in Thailand on September 18. Fans were delighted to see new content from their bias, who hasn’t posted to his channel in about a month.

It starts with him walking on the jetway to board the plane, glancing back at the camera person. In true adorable N fashion, he ends up skipping onto the plane.

The footage of the night skyline from the plane was particularly relaxing—something N’s videos are known for.

After arriving and picking his bag up from baggage claim, N shows us what accommodations looked like.

Later on, he showed us footage of a furry feline friend he made during check-in.

He enjoyed a delicious meal, and later a tasty looking hot drink as he admired a cleverly designed pond.

N went for a swim before heading out to wander around a local market.

The market he visited has an eclectic variety of things available, from food to gifts, there looked to be something for everyone to enjoy.

In order to beat the heat, N ordered a refreshing mango and watermelon drinks…

… Before partaking in another meal with a companion.

His time spent in the market was fruitful as he revealed he bought local style bags and slippers to use for the rest of his trip.

Obviously a fan of Thai food, N took a moment to once again enjoy a nice meal.

He looks relaxed as he strolls along the streets of Thailand, and it’s no wonder! He shares later in the video that he enjoyed a Thai massage before going to a pub for dinner.

The Today’s Record video unofficially ends with N saying goodbye to his cat friend, but continues after the “credits” with footage of what appears to be him taking Thai language lessons!

To hear N speak Thai, watch the video (from about 7:00) below: