VIXX Ravi Just Exposed EXO Kai’s Persistent Nature by Revealing Recent Chat Logs

They ended up making dinner plans for 3 different days all at once.

VIXX‘s Ravi just revealed chat logs shared between him and EXO‘s Kai, proving that not only are they the best of friends, but Kai is very, very persistent when making plans to eat.

In the chat log, EXO’s Kai started off the conversation by asking, “Wonsik (Ravi), let’s eat malatang“, to which Ravi declined by responding, “I have a shoot tomorrow. Next time.

But the requests didn’t end there. Kai suggested that they eat something else on another day by asking, “Wonsik, let’s eat spicy seafood noodles. If you can’t do tomorrow, the day after“, and this time, Ravi accepted with the response, “Next time. Good.

Despite the confirmation, Kai didn’t stop scheduling Ravi in for more meals after that.

Kai: Then let’s eat malatang on the 23rd.

Ravi: 23rd? Okay, okay.

Kai: Let’s eat spicy seafood noodles on the 24th.

Ravi: Why are you planning this so early?

Kai: Let’s eat chicken soup with rice on the 25th. Wait, no. I’m bussy on the 25th and 26th. Let’s eat chicken soup with rice on the 27th.

Ravi: Okay, sure.

– Chat Log

Just like that, they made plans for multiple days, but Kai continued, and when Ravi turned him down again, he protested in the most adorable way.

Kai: Let’s eat chicken on the 28th.

Ravi: My single with Ailee is coming out that night at 6. I can’t eat chicken that day because I’ll be too nervous.

Kai: Am I more important or is your single more important?

Ravi: My single.

Kai: Okay, blocked.

Ravi: Unblocked.

Kai: What’s the title?

Ravi: Don’t ask, hahaha.

Kai: Okay, blocked.

Ravi: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

– Chat Log

Ravi and Kai have always been known to be close friends, and they’re also a member of the “Padding Squad” consisting of other famous idols.

Ravi’s collaboration single with Ailee will be released on the 28th at 6PM, KST.

Source: Dispatch