VIXX’s Ravi Wanted To Let EXO’s Kai Know He Was Using His Gift But That’s Not What Kai Focused On

Kai was focused on something completely different:

You can never be too sure what will come out of your best friend’s mouth. Will they say something lovable and sweet, something savage, or maybe a little something wacky and weird? Well, EXO‘s Kai managed to tick all three boxes in one single reply to VIXX‘s Ravi!

Ravi recently posted a set of three photos to his Instagram account to highlight the keyring he got from Kai and to let everyone know he was about to rock it on stage.

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– 종인이가 준 키링 걸고 무대✨✨

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Performing with the keyring Jongin (Kai) gave me.

So far so normal. That is until Kai turned up! A few hours after Ravi had dropped the pictures, Kai made his appearance and his focus immediately went to Ravi’s sleeves…

Or more specifically, the armpit of the sleeves. With a twist of aegyo, some sass, and a completely unpredictable comment Kai definitely ticked all three “what will come out of your friend’s mouth” boxes!

Meanwhile, Kai’s off the wall comment has been cracking up everyone just as much as Ravi’s initial post has everyone feeling super soft. And it’s easy to see why!