VIXX’s Ravi Fanboys Over SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan After Their “Amazing Saturday” Episode

Ravi fanboying over Seungkwan is too relatable!

VIXX‘s Ravi revealed himself to be a big fan of SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and praised him for his great qualities!



As many know, Amazing Saturday held a special spin-off of their dictation segment called Idol Dictation Contest (literal translation). While several major idols participated in the spin-off, many fans couldn’t help but notice Ravi fanboying over Seungkwan!

Although Ravi and Seungkwan also met during an episode of Knowing Bros, Ravi shared that he’s become an even bigger fan of Seungkwan after the shooting of Amazing Saturday.

Ravi (left) and Seungkwan (right) on Knowing Bros | @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram

During an episode of Naver Now‘s Question Mark, Ravi revealed his favorite idol guest of the episode was Seungkwan.

Everyone had great energy… but to pick one, I always liked Seungkwan but now I think I adore him.

— Ravi

Furthermore, Ravi complimented Seungkwan’s never-ending charm and talent for comedy!

He was that amazing like he was so good at being funny and charming. So yeah, I absolutely adore him. I feel like we became a bit closer too.

— Ravi

Check out the clip below:

The first episode of Amazing Saturday’s Idol Dictation Contest episode is scheduled to air on May 21, 2021.