VIXX’s Ravi Gracefully Clapped Back At Those Who Post Hate Comments

Instead of fighting fire with fire, he killed them with kindness.

Despite the exciting opportunities and positive experiences that come with being an idol, there are always individuals who don’t want to see them shine and succeed. Because of that, they’re often faced with malicious comments that should be better left unsaid—let alone shared publicly.

VIXX‘s Ravi spoke up about what he wanted to say to those people who posted such nasty comments.

When acting as a host for variety show Don’t Be Jealous, specifically in episode five, Ravi listened to the concerns of his fellow hosts. One mentioned the negative comments that were thrown at them for merely fulfilling their job duties.

Having experienced the same in the eight years since VIXX’s debut, that prompted Ravi to speak up about the topic, “I want to say something to those who leave mean comments.

Rather than clapping back in a sassy or harsh way, he killed them with kindness. He sought to open their eyes to the pain they’re causing others.

Just like those commenters wouldn’t want someone to speak badly about their family, they should give everyone else that same courtesy, “The one who’s getting the comments are also someone’s family.

Somi proved his point shortly after, revealing just how upset she became when malicious comments were targeted at those close to her. “When I see a mean comment mentioning my parents or family, it makes me want to visit them.

Since Ravi took a graceful approach in addressing a cycle that seems never-ending, maybe his message will reach those who need to hear it most.