VIXX Ravi And MAMAMOO Wheein’s Hilarious Banter On Ravi’s Show Proves They Have A Great Friendship

They can’t stop teasing each other like siblings.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein was the latest guest on Ravi’s Secret Clinic, the YouTube show hosted by VIXX‘s Ravi, and her appearance proved just how comfortable their friendship is.

The two of them talked about several topics before discussing the personal concerns that fans wrote about to the show, starting with Wheein’s confession that she regularly watches the show.

After that, Wheein wasted no time in teasing Ravi, first with his disastrous attempt at cooking…

…and then by claiming her favorite episode was the one with Ravi’s dog, jokingly agreeing that she loved the dog more than Ravi. Ravi could only complain, “I’m being pushed out.”

Wheein also claimed she liked the episode where Ravi did a house tour of his home, to which he replied, “Should I have more houses? Since the view rates were so high, I want to continue showing my house but I only have one.”

Then they moved on to talk about what kind of people they were, and Wheein said that she felt like she is more of a listener when people shared their concerns with her. When Ravi said that he felt like his approach depends on who the person is, Wheein teased him for saying something so obvious.

Ravi went along with it…

..though pretty soon he teased her right back.

Wheein went on to explain that she is really into MBTI types these days, and that she’d even guessed the MBTI of a character in a drama correctly. But Ravi did not let it slide, hilariously joking that Wheein was more obsessed than anything.

The two of them had a really good time on the show, laughing plenty and teasing each other like siblings. Now that Wheein has signed with Ravi’s label, The L1VE, they have probably gotten to know each other really well, so hopefully this won’t be the last time we see them having fun and hanging out like this! You can watch the full episode below.


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