VIXX Ravi’s Addresses The Malicious Comments He Received Through Instagram Story

Ravi expressed his true feelings.

On April 27, VIXX‘s Ravi posted a long message through his Instagram story regarding malicious comments.

The first part of the message reveals comments and DM’s he received through Instagram. People sent him messages threatening to chase him until the end and that he won’t get away with it. They even took it as far as him being similar to Jo Joo Bin.

In response to these malicious comments, this was Ravi’s reply.

I’ve tried to even understand those that have left malicious comments for mistaking me for meeting a junior singer I’ve even tried to let all the threats and malicious comments pass too. But after much thinking, I’ve decided to write this message.

He wishes that people would understand how much pain and suffering people around him have to go through because of people’s malicious words.

It is because of these actions that make the people around me suffer from anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and even difficulty breathing. These people are precious to someone else. They are people who work day and night, sweating and putting effort into trying their best to repay those that have showered them with love and support. Why do celebrities and the fans that support them have to go through these types of suffering by these comments? Try to do something more productive and helpful to those around you rather than spending time doing useless actions as a hobby. No person is perfect. Don’t waste time doing things like this because there isn’t even enough time to help each other.

He hopes that these malicious commenters will find a healthier way to deal with their pain and problems.

You don’t have to something great but please stop directly hurting people. We all make mistakes in life. I hope that you will change. If you are doing this because you are hurting on the outside and the inside, please try to find a healthier way to deal with your problems. There are many things you can do without having to hurt others.

He concludes by letting fans know that he is okay and that he is happy knowing that his fans support and love him.

I am writing this message in hopes that these actions will lessen and because I am one to say what’s on my mind rather than to hold it in. Please don’t worry about me. I am a happy person because of all of your love.

Fans who read Ravi’s post were impressed with his calm nature in addressing serious issues.

What do you think about this message?