VIXX’s Ravi Shares Mortifying Story From Middle School Involving Min Kyung Hoon

Poor guy!

Most people probably have an embarrassing story about a crush they had in their school-age days. VIXX member Ravi opened up about one of his own while starring alongside Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) on the March 28 episode of “Ask Us Anything”.

The show features a guessing game, and during it, Ravi asked the audience a challenging question with, “What memory do I think of when I see Min Kyung Hoon?”

Min Kyung Hoon is a singer from the rock band Buzz, as well as half of the duo Universe Coward alongside Heechul (Super Junior). Ravi gave a hint that it was a bitter memory that he was speaking of, so Seo Jang Hoon gave a quick guess. “There was a girl you liked, so you went with her and a group of friends to karaoke. You wanted to look good in front of her, but one of your friends sang one of Min Kyung Hoon’s songs, and after listening to his song, the girl you liked began dating him.”

Ravi said the answer was wrong, but only about half wrong. Several other wrong answers came in, until Seo Jang Hoon guessed again, “You sang Min Kyung Hoon’s song to look good in front of the girl, but she walked out.”

When Ravi brightly said that he was about 99.9% right, Heechul then chimed in with, “You were singing Min Kyung Hoon’s ‘Thorn,’ but the girl you liked pressed ‘cancel’ on the karaoke machine and walked out.”

Ravi said he was correct, and went on to explain the story fully. “I had already gotten rejected by that girl many times. But since I had the opportunity, I wanted to sing for her. I was singing ‘Thorn,’ but she felt uncomfortable, so she turned it off and left.” When asked, he also confirmed that they never did end up dating, but he liked her for a long time.

Kang Ho Dong asked for further details about why Ravi thought she didn’t want to date him, so he admitted, “I think things went wrong from the beginning. I heard from my friend that she was the prettiest girl in school, so I went to see her, and she really was very pretty. I went to the stationery store right away and bought a necklace. I gave her the necklace and told her that I thought I liked her and wanted to date. But from her point of view, I was someone she was seeing for the first time, and I was already gifting her a necklace and saying I liked her. So from there, we got off on the wrong foot.” Since then, he said, he’s learned to keep his feelings hidden when he likes someone. Poor Ravi!