“VRODUCE 101” Featuring BTS’s V Is An Actual Thing With 3 Whole Seasons, Here Are The Recent 11 Finalists

V against V is the fiercest competition we’ve seen.

As a fun take on the popular trainee survival program PRODUCE 101, an ARMY by the Twitter handle of @vroduce101 has kicked off “VRODUCE 101” – picking out the best 11 moments of BTS‘s V – and its 3rd season just announced the top eleven finalists!


The competition was fierce in the third season of “VRODUCE 101”. Featuring V’s hottest and most endearing moments, including the ones that have gone super viral online – like his boyfriend live broadcast, it had ARMYs shook on which V to pick to send up to the final rounds. ICYMI – here’s how “VRODUCE 101” Season 2 ended, with 11 of V’s finest moments…


… and here are the finalists for Season 3! These are the top 11 V moments that ARMYs found to be the most memorable and worthy of remembering, selected PRODUCE 101 style. The top #11 spot went to “Vicon”, or V from the Dicon Interview / photoshoot.


Coming in at #10 was this Minnie Mouse V, dancing his butt off to the song “Amor Fati” by Kim Yon Ja. While V is easily spotted being silly, this particular moment gained a lot of popularity amongst ARMYs because it showed how he’s really about having fun and not worrying about what he looks like at all!


Ranked at #9, the scandalous V also had ARMYs charmed…


… while V eating a pretzel half-awake from his nap during a live broadcast with fellow agency-mates Lee Hyun and TXT took spot #8!


The #7 went to this pink haired V, under the contestant name of “First Love Tae”. ARMYs agreed that this V was bound to make it to the finalists’ round, with his strong visual and romantic vibe!


Coming in at #6 was the teal haired V, or “Vionysus”. This V had all the ARMYs drunk with his endless charms!


Then, for spot #5, V looking like a little boy while being awarded the Order of Cultural Merit was selected. This V, gleaming with pride and an uncontrollable amount of excitement over his accomplishment, would definitely become the most ambitious finalist from season 3!


Ranked at #4 was the “Persona V”. Rocking his cartoon-y visuals, this V had ARMYs completely mesmerized with his surreal visual.


Ready for the top 3 finalists? Here’s “Kitty V” – from his most beloved live broadcast – at #3…


… and the breathtaking “The Fact V” at #2, after creating an endless pool of memes and gifs.


And to no one’s surprise, the heart-stopping “Singularity V” won #1!


Would you be able to handle these 11 Vs at once? ARMYs are left stunned by how many precious, invaluable moments V has left behind over the years. Fans had a blast going through the “best of V” and voting for his most unforgettable times!