Walk Through BTS Jin’s Three Upgrades From Basic Handsome To Worldwide Handsome

He was already perfect, but he became even better.

BTS members have all come very long ways since their debut in 2013. Jin, the oldest member, first entered the industry as a rookie in his early-20s and over the years matured into a young man in his late-20s. ARMYs are now looking back at Jin’s growth and celebrating his transformation from handsome – to Worldwide Handsome.


At the very beginning of it all was the young Jin. He was, though very handsome already, shy and awkward. The K-Pop world was rather new to him and he wasn’t sure about the impact he was about to have on it.


The young Jin used to be like Bambi – soft, fragile, and very pretty. Even though the early BTS concepts made the members act rough and tough on stage, Jin had a fluffiness that mysteriously charmed the fans.


By the promotion of “Run”, Jin had went through his first transformation. According to Korean netizens, he had evolved – from Bambi – into an adult deer by this point in his career.


Jin had developed a certain vibe, not only with his age but also with more stage experience, and though not perfected, he was closer to becoming the gorgeous and confident Worldwide Handsome he is today.


The second transformation came around 2017, when Jin’s angelic vibe was greatly amplified. Over the years, Jin had found his natural color and learned to make it work for him. He looked breathtaking in all of his photo and video shoots…


… with him really calling forward his sweet-and-innocent aura. By this point, Jin was taking his first steps as Worldwide Handsome and getting all the attention he long deserved for his mesmerizing beauty.


The last transformation – the final evolution – came when Jin went purple. As soon as he showed up with this otherwise difficult hair color to pull off, Jin became le-JIN-dary for his unrivaled visual and global superstar vibe. Something about Jin was extra mature, extra sexy, and extra handsome – post his grape-colored hair.


When he took on an entire stage of Wembley Stadium, Jin boasted what he had ultimately become – a veteran K-Pop idol. Jin had become Worldwide Handsome, with an amazing personality, irreplaceable talent, and burning love for his fans!


ARMYs already love Jin as he is, and they have always accepted Jin exactly the way he had been, but they look forward to the future and what kind of new and upgraded Jin that will unveil. Jin, dedicated to constantly improving, fulfilling his goals, and satisfying his most supportive fans, will – without a doubt – continue to wow us all.

Source: THEQOO