Everyone Is Mesmerized By Charlie Puth And Lai Kuanlin’s Interaction At 2018 MGA

Wannables couldn’t be happier for him!

A few days ago the 2018 MGA (MBC Plus x Genie Music Awards) mesmerized everyone with some fantastic performances, majestic fashion, awards galore, and some very sweet interactions.


While the interaction between Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon and BTS‘s V stole a lot of hearts, there was another pair that everyone was excited to see together…


And that was Charlie Puth and Lai Kuanlin!


Wannables have been waiting for an interaction between the Kuanlin and Charlie for a while now, ever since a video of Kuanlin playing a piano cover of “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth went viral on the internet.

The clip has been uploaded by fans numerous times and holds a very special place in their hearts.


Since that clip, fans have found out that Kuanlin is a huge fan of Charlie’s! So when Charlie was spotted sitting next to Kang Daniel and Lai Kuanlin at the MGAs, fans couldn’t have been more excited for him!


On top of that, fans were happy to see that the two seemed to get along really well. The Wanna One member and Charlie were caught in deep conversation with each other for a good chunk of the night.


Since they first spotted the two getting along, fans have been gushing over the cute interaction between the two stars.


Fans really couldn’t be happier for Kuanlin and hope that the two will get to interact again in the future!