WANNA ONE Member Confesses He Always Thinks Of Somi While…

He’s always thinking about her.

This particular WANNA ONE member frequently thinks about former I.O.I’s Somi, and it’s not because he has a crush on her.

WANNA ONE’s Daehwi shared his songwriting tips in a recent interview and revealed that Somi is his current motivation and inspiration to write music.

“I tend to get my inspiration from people around me. When we create a bond, talking and sharing each other’s true feelings about things, that really inspires me. When I write my own music, I try to remember the interactions that I had with them, the times when I felt like we had created a rapport.”

— WANNA ONE’s Daehwi

WANNA ONE’s Daehwi and former I.O.I Somi have been best friends since junior high school. When Daehwi moved back from the United States, Somi was there for him. They even trained at JYP Entertainment together before Daehwi moved to Brand New Music Entertainment.

Somi and Daehwi are known to support each other in their careers, and Somi was even spotted hiding at WANNA ONE’s debut concert.

Photos Capture Jeon Somi Hiding At Wanna One’s Debut Concert

Having a best friend with whom you can share all your thoughts and aspirations with and who inspires you to create great music, that is a life goal!

Source: Dispatch
Source: Dispatch and Instiz