Ong Seongwoo Trends As That “Boy In The Harness” During 2018 MAMA

The “Handsome Guy With Black Hair And Turtleneck” has a new nickname.

During 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong Wanna One‘s Ong Seongwoo became a hot topic for being, well, hot.


On December 14, Wanna One attended MAMA in style and took home two awards: “Best Male Group” and “Best Unit”.


Wanna One also gave their audience a show they’ll never forget. It included their hit songs “Energetic”…


…”Spring Breeze”…


…and “Beautiful”.


Although all the members’ visuals were on point, netizens fell especially hard for Ong Seongwoo’s dashing looks and sexy outfit.


They just had to know who the “boy in the harness” is!


Netizens couldn’t get over how handsome Ong Seongwoo looked in his white button up, black pants, and leather harness.


Ong Seongwoo’s harness even became a trending topic!


Wannables were happy to identify the “boy in the harness” and welcome Ong Seongwoo’s new fans into the fandom.


This isn’t the first time Ong Seongwoo has gone viral for his visuals. At the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards he earned the nickname “Handsome Guy With Black Hair And Turtleneck”, for obvious reasons.

Wanna One’s Ong Sungwoo Goes Viral As The “Handsome Guy With Black Hair And Turtleneck”


Ong Seongwoo isn’t the only handsome male idol netizens have been dying to identify this MAMA season. During 2018 MAMA Fans Choice in Japan, Wonho (MONSTA X) went viral at the “green-haired guy”!

This Performance Of MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” Is Trending Worldwide For A Very Good Reason


Fans fell in love with K-Pop for the music, but let’s face it…


…nothing goes better with music than eye candy!


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