These Three Idols Are Being Called The “Visual Trinity”, Here’s Why

Visual trinity indeed!

Every single member of Wanna One is a visual in their own right but there is one trio in the group that have been driving fans crazy from the very beginning.


The trio consists of Ong Seongwoo, Kang Daniel, and Hwang Minhyun and whenever they appear together, it’s just too much for Wannables’ hearts.


Fans have taken to calling them the “visual trinity” and it’s not hard to see why.


The three boys are known for their flawless visuals that are both sexy and chic at the same time.


But just because they are chic and sexy doesn’t mean they can’t pull off a cute concept too, because they can!


On top of that, Wannables are also mesmerized by their tall physiques and great proportions. According to them it just adds to their manly charms!


Although they’ve got visuals for days, it isn’t just the straight up good-looks that are playing with fans’ hearts.


Whenever the trio takes center stage everybody melts because when they dance together it’s like the perfect combination of their visuals, talent, and unique auras!


Of course, fans are also in love with their goofy personalities and are always praising the trio because they look like they are genuine friends.


It just goes to show that the visual trinity truly are the whole package!


No wonder they’re wiggling their way into everyone’s hearts and driving them crazy!

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