The Messages Park Jihoon Left On Wanna One’s Fan Cafe Will Break Your Heart

Nobody wanted Jihoon to leave, including Jihoon.

On January 27, Wanna One held their final concert together. While the moment was definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride with a very heartbreaking ending, one member has made things even more heart-wrenching with his posts on the group’s official fan cafe.


Shortly after the group’s final “Therefore” concert performance, Park Jihoon headed over to the group’s fan cafe. First, he started off with a very sweet message to fans to show that this is just the beginning for all the members.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the start for us.”

— Park Jihoon


Then, he talked about how much he loved all the time he spent with Wannables.

“I loved every minute that I spent together with Wannable. I sincerely love you all with my whole heart.”

— Park Jihoon


And despite the sadness, he asked Wannables to always keep smiling.

“Wannables are the most beautiful when their smiling. Please smile whenever you’re in front of us!”

— Park Jihoon


But right around this time, things took an unexpected turn when Jihoon confessed he was having a hard time leaving the page.

“You know… It seems I can’t leave the fan cafe…”

— Park Jihoon


Before raising the emotions even higher by asking fans to never forget the time they spent with the members.

“Please don’t forget all the times we were together… Please don’t forget the moments Wanna One and Wannables spent together… Please, I’m asking you…”

— Park Jihoon


Following the message, Jihoon continued to spend time talking with fans even stated that, “no one can break us up.” Although the fate of the fan cafe is still uncertain, fans seriously hope that these won’t be the very last messages from Jihoon and the rest of the members.

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