Watch How BTS Jimin’s “Boy With Luv” Choreography Got Upgraded Over Time

Oh my my my indeed.

The catchy “Oh my my my”s in BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” come paired with a super cute choreography that has the members patting themselves down.

Jimin, who takes the center when this happens, tweaks the dance a bit and adds his own spice to it. At first, he started off with shyly pointing down his bod:

And while that had been more than enough to make ARMYs drop all their UWUs, his moves upgraded over time as he performed the song many more times. At one of their concerts, Jimin turned up the heat with the pointing with his blazer brushed out of the way.

Then, in his silkiest, pinkest outfit, he had it all figured out. Note the change in the strength of his movements. It is, as if, Jimin knew exactly what the fans wanted:

By New Year’s Eve in New York, Jimin’s “Oh my my my”-s had ARMYs going “Oh wow wow wow.” During this particular performance, he boldly pulled his blazer off his shoulder as he pointed to the sexiest parts of his body!

And that was the happiest new year’s eve ARMYs have ever seen!

Watch that last one in its full glory:

Source: THEQOO