Watch BTS Release Their Softest Sides During This Encore Performance Of “ON” At Inkigayo

Wait, this is the same group that ripped up the stage earlier…?

In the latest episode of Inkigayo, BTS took home the Weekly #1 spot with their new bop “ON” and got the chance to put on an encore performance.

Since, in response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Korea, the entertainment industry has taken its safety measure and cancelled all in-house viewings of K-Pop idols shooting their music program performances, the members got to perform in front of a total of 4 Inkigayo staff members in the audience. Hence, and as typically done with encore performances, BTS took it easy and fooled around on stage — creating what is the softest version of the otherwise fierce-AF “ON” performance!

Jimin, for sure, had a blast singing for his four ARMYs-in-the-making:

He had the biggest smile on his face throughout the encore performance, watching the staff members cheer them on from the empty house.

Suga also dropped all his feistiness and resorted to showing off his UWU moves:

Jungkook couldn’t hold back the giggles:

And RM re-defined the entire “ON” choreography, in aegyo mode.

All the members, including V, J-Hope, and Jin, seemed to be having a lot of fun…

… as evident from the smiles on their faces!

And ARMYs can’t get enough of this soft “ON”…

… plus, how excited the members looked to be on stage — even if ARMYs couldn’t make it to the viewing.

Can we get an encore of the encore…?

Source: THEQOO