Watching 18-year-old Taeyeon audition for SM may make you cry

With Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary approaching, fans have been reminiscing and finding gems from the members’ pasts. 

Fans have recently uncovered a video of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon singing as a trainee. In the video, Taeyeon can be seen singing with the same strength she is usually known for, albeit coming across as a bit more shy in her mannerisms.

Fans were quick to point out the difference in Taeyeon’s singing back then compared to now, and how much the singer has improved over the past 10 years.

With the promotions for her first full-length album My Voice, Taeyeon has been able to show off the full potential of her voice and her artistry. She’s recently become the first female idol to have surpassed 100,000 album sales on Hanteo, the music sales tracking system.

Currently, all the members of Girls’ Generation are in the midst of preparing for their 10th-anniversary comeback that is scheduled to be sometime between July and August.

The members will also partake in a monthly Girls’ Generation special, in which each member will release a new solo song to commemorate the anniversary.