After Watching This Video, Everyone Thought BTS Had 8 Members

Fans have officially adopted Park Bo Gum as BTS’s 8th member.

Park Bo Gum is now the unofficial eighth member of BTS, thanks to their joint Coca-Cola commercial.

Park Bo Gum is the model for Coke Korea, while BTS is Coca-Cola’s global model.


When this summery marketing collaboration dropped, fans couldn’t get enough of it.

BTS and Park Bo Gum Team Up For Coca-Cola, A Combination We NEED More Of

Say good-bye to Pepsi and hello to Coke!


To those outside of the K-Pop fandom, it might seem weird to go crazy over an advertisement, but when that ad stars 8 talented visual kings, who can resist?


In this commercial, Park Bo Gum helps BTS quench their thirst on a hot summer day by providing ice-cold Coca-Cola.


Little did he know that by joining BTS’s fun in the sun he was also joining the group!


After seeing the commercial, fans have embraced Park Bo Gum as an honorary BTS member.


In fact, anyone who isn’t familiar with BTS might genuinely think they’re an 8-member group after seeing this bus ad!


There’s no denying that Park Bo Gum would be the perfect fit. This talented actor can sing…




…and did we mention his visuals? Let’s mention his visuals.

Welcome to BTS, Park Bo Gum!


To see more, check out the full commercial here.