The Way BLACKPINK Members Took Their Photos With A Famous Landmark Revealed Their Honest Personalities — And It’s Accurate AF

It’s so cool how pictures can reveal their personalities, especially Jisoo’s!

BLACKPINK is composed of four talented women who are unique and confident in their own skin.

This is one of the reasons fans love the dynamics between the group — they are all great performers and amazing human beings.

The interactions between the members are always interesting, too…

…because of their different but lovable personalities, as you can see from the way they take their pictures with a famous tourist landmark in Paris.


Lisa once mentioned that she prefers to be by herself when she’s upset, so she can cry when she’s alone…

…so she may be extroverted when she’s with other people, but she’s also an introvert who recharges when she’s by herself.

What better way for an introvert to be by herself while also doing people-watching than a picnic near the famous Eiffel Tower, right?


She is classy, she is a bit reserved at first, but she always likes to laugh at the other member’s jokes as she’s the “vitamin” of the group.

Rosé likes to let other members shine, but because of her inherent personality and grace, she shines alongside them as well.


Nicknamed as “Jendeukie”, Jennie becomes “clingy” every time Jisoo wakes her up, so you can also see in the picture how “clingy” Jennie posed with the Eiffel Tower — there’s no distance between them because she likes to include both of them in one frame.

It’s like she’s shooting her personal “heart arrow” to the famous landmark!


Such a cutie, Jisoo is the “goofiest” member of the group who loves playing around and making others laugh with her funny antics and bright personality.

You can see it in the way she took a picture with the Eiffel Tower — she’s pretty and gorgeous, but she’s not afraid to get up close and “personal” with the others, as long as it meant “good memories”.

It’s great that the girls are having fun in their vacations-slash-work trips: they worked hard when they were trainees, after all:

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