Former Idol Shares How Idols Pre-Record AR Tracks To Sound Like They Are Singing Live On Music Shows

They have to make it sound as real as possible.

Former idol, Way, previously from Crayon Pop, shared how idols record AR tracks for music shows. For those not in the know, AR tracks are pre-recorded “live” singing that are used to lip sync to during music shows. They can sound very real given that all sounds including breathing are recorded.

She shared that this happens rather often, but not all music shows will allow this.

Way shared that idols often resort to running on the spot before recording…

…just so it would sound realistic. One can either record it at their own company, or record it with the music show.

Sometimes, just the audio is recorded on stage during a dry run without the choreography, and it is dubbed over for lip syncing during the performance.

This is a common tactic used by many artists, especially when they want to focus on the choreographical aspect. By no means does it mean that the idol cannot sing well! In fact, it is just a method singers use to perfect their performance!