How A Creative Fan Became “Sworn Brothers” With WayV’s Hendery And Made Him Laugh So Hard His Jaw Hurt

He even adorably tried to stop her from drinking more alcohol.

In Chinese fan culture, there’s an interesting concept where fans separate themselves into different categories of fan, such as mom-fan, girlfriend-fan, or friend-fan! It represents the type of emotion that goes into their fangirling, such as considering their idol like their friend or a son. Of course, most of it is in fun and jest. This creative fan of WayV however, took a fresh take on the fan concepts and went for the brother-fan, during a videocall fan meeting event.

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She first suggested to Hendery that they become sworn brothers and that she will now call him ge, meaning older brother in Mandarin, and she will now be his di, meaning younger brother. The notion of this made him laugh so hard he practically yeeted out of the frame.

As in Chinese tradition, if you become sworn brothers, you customarily have to drink to it. Hendery said he only had coffee with him, but the fan actually whipped out an entire bottle of beer. Hendery laughed so hard and told her he didn’t expect her to really have alcohol with her. She replied that all she had at home was beer. Mood.

They even did a cute little cheers!

When the fan suggested another glass, he told her he was out of coffee but she replied that she still had beer left. He immediately tried to tell her to stop drinking and tried to distract her by asking where on the album she wanted him to sign on.

He wished her health and luck in the future as a “sworn brother”, but he couldn’t stop laughing at the situation, so much so that his jaw hurt.

The fan then wordlessly started pouring another glass, as Hendery was distracted with the album. When he noticed and tried to stop her, she coolly replied that it was for funsies and not for the toast. He again tried to tell her to drink moderately, while diverting her attention with the album.

This bold fan however, snuck in her sip of beer anyway, much to Hendery’s adorable exasperation. They ended off the call with him telling her again to be safe and not to drink so much!

How many of us can say that we made our idol laugh so hard he nearly locked his jaw? Videocall fansigns may be disappointing to some that want to see their idols in real life, but for the rest of us that live vicariously, they are a precious peek into the luck some have!

Source: Weibo