WayV’s Hendery Was Left Wheezing From A Fan’s Unforgettable Costume

“How could I forget you?”

When it comes to fan meetings and fan signings, there are aways fans who go above and beyond to wear a costume that brings everyone joy—especially the idols themselves.

Despite those events now taking place online, that didn’t stop one fan from keeping up the tradition during WayV‘s video calls, leaving Hendery cracking up so much he began to wheeze.

At the start of the video call, Hendery had a big smile on his face to greet the fan warmly. Once the call connected, that smile was replaced with an even bigger one full of laughter.

When the fan appeared, waving her hands, he was shook by her appearance. Seeing her face and neck painted green, Hendery began to laugh.

Throwing his head back, Hendery had the happiest expression on his face as he laughed up a storm from the pleasant surprise. That wasn’t even the most hilarious part.

Hendery was so thrilled by the fan’s costume that he bent over, disappearing out of frame, as he laughed to the point of wheezing. Since she was still waving her hands to get his attention, while also laughing at his reaction, he realized it was time to calm himself down.

After getting all his laughter out, he cutely apologized, “I’m sorry.” He then waved to the fan and welcomed them, “Hi.” As soon as the fan finished laughing as well, she had a question for him. She asked, “Can you remember me?” Combined with how hard Hendery had just laughed, his answer made the moment even funnier.

With the biggest smile, he responded, “Of course. How could I forget you?” From the costume and Hendery’s hilarious reaction to it, fans won’t be able to forget about her either.

Check out the pure joy Hendery experienced by seeing the fan’s unforgettable look. It’s so amusing that the clip is well on its way to reaching a million views.