The Time WayV’s Hendery Made NCT Dream’s Jaemin Giggle During A Performance

He handled it professionally.

WayV‘s Hendery and NCT Dream‘s Jaemin are known to be the jokesters of their groups with similarly infectious smiles. Put the two together, and you get chaos! The two got together for a unit performance of “Work It” as part of NCT 2020 promotions.

Right before the beat started, Hendery changed his pose a little to look directly into Jaemin’s eyes.

Jaemin couldn’t help but giggle! Even when the first moves of the choreography kicked in, Jaemin was seen to be holding his laughter in.

However, the instant his opening lines started, Jaemin switched into full-on idol mode, showing his professionalism.

Did you manage to spot this during the performance? Take another look at the adorable interaction below.

Source: FI