WayV Debated Who Had The Best Body, And It Got Hilariously Heated

Ten and Xiaojun were ready to risk it all to win 😂

To celebrate their second anniversary as a group, WayV held a Mini Awards ceremony to award gifts that were just as hilarious as their voting process. At the mention of who had the best body, their competitiveness was a funny sight to see.

| @WayV_official/Twitter

When Kun announced that whoever won the title of “the king of learning” would win the first gift, Xiaojun misheard it as “ideal body” from how similar the phrases sounded. That was all it took for the funny debate to kick off.

Before Xiaojun could get any more words in, they took him out of the running for who’d win ideal body, pulling him down into his seat. Kun repeatedly told him to sit down while Lucas proudly claimed, “It’s not you. It’s me.

After retaking his seat, Xiaojun had the funniest look of shock when Lucas wouldn’t back down. “I have the ideal body.Ten didn’t agree and claimed to be the one who deserved the title, “I have the ideal body!

As Lucas, Xiaojun, and Ten’s competitive spirits caused a shouting match, Kun had to chill them out. “Calm down! Calm down!

That didn’t put an end to their hilarious debate for the top tier body.

Ten wouldn’t be bested as he offered to show some skin right then and there. “You wanna see?” As if speaking for all WayZenNis, Xiaojun shouted, “Yes!

Although Winwin stopped Ten from revealing the goods and didn’t decide who held the title for the ideal body, they were all happy to let Kun win for the actual King Of Learning title when they saw the prize of a fish pencil case.

Since all the members have amazing bodies, it makes sense they wouldn’t be able to settle on who ranked number one. Check out the hilarious debate about it here.