WayV’s Kun Never Cries On Camera — But Here Is The Touching Reason Why He Once Did

It was a special, unforgettable experience for him.

WayV‘s Kun has rarely been seen crying on camera. As leader of the group, he has been a very stable presence who provides a lot of support to his members, but there was one situation that made him emotional, and that was when WayV met three blind musicians who run a very special restaurant.

WayV visited the restaurant while filming their reality show Dream Plan, and it seems like Kun was particularly affected by the experience, as it ultimately helped show the true power that music has to connect people and help them express themselves—and as fans know, Kun is incredibly passionate about music.

| @kun11xd/Instagram

The restaurant’s manager explained that to him it makes no difference whether he’s inside or outside since he can’t see anything, which is why the restaurant is completely dark inside: it was designed to let people experience what it’s like to live as a blind person. Guests are led by the blind waiters, who help them to their tables and to move around safely.

He also shared that he and his two friends play music for the customers. He had prepared a letter as a special gift for WayV, which contained some special lessons that he wanted to impart onto the members.

During my growth, I’ve met with many difficulties that a normal person wouldn’t imagine. But I always use this sentence to push myself forward: although I cannot see the world before me, you can at least do one thing, and that is to let the world see you, to keep chasing your dreams, to keep holding on to hope and to always believe that something good is awaiting.

Ten was already feeling emotional at his words…

But Kun gave special thanks to their host, saying that their experience that day had helped remind him of the true power of music.

Of course, all the members were touched…

…but it was particularly heartwarming how much the experience meant to Kun, as it is so rare to see him this emotional.

Fans have pointed out that this is, in fact, the only time we’ve seen him cry, and the reasons why are heartbreaking.

Kun is an incredibly hard-working artist, and it’s amazing to see how much music means to him as a means of bringing people together and expressing oneself. With his incredibly kind disposition and willingness to always be there for his members, it’s easy to see that this experience was truly valued by him. We’re glad that he never gave up and that he’s consistently done his best to help his members with their own projects and to bring music to the world. We can’t wait to see how this special experience is reflected in his personal work, which will hopefully be showcased in NCT‘s upcoming project NCT LAB, which will give all the members of NCT a chance to release their own original work.

You can watch the full clip from Dream Plan on the link below.