WayV Kun Warns Against Harmful Diets And Declares Healthy Plan Anyone Can Follow

If Kun has been maintaining an eight-pack, he knows what he’s talking about.

Due to the emphasis that society places on appearances, weight is something that many people struggle with. Through WayV‘s special episode Take Your Worries Away, a fan asked for help on the best way to lose weight.

Leader Kun stepped up the plate and shared advice based on his own experiences, recommending a healthy plan that anyone could follow.

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The fan expressed their desire to get slim and trim, “I really, really, really want to get skinny. But, I can’t really control myself. Please teach me a method of control only you could do, or a method to lose weight is fine too.” At first, Ten threw the question over to Winwin.

He caused chaos by naming breathing, “The will to control oneself is to breathe the air.” It didn’t help that Lucas jumped in by agreeing, “I’m not trying to make you laugh.” Kun then steered everyone back on track to answering the fan’s worries.

Having enough of his members’ shenanigans, Kun started by naming the exercise that made all the difference: a five-mile walk twice a day. “I will let you know. Try going outside in the morning, walk eight kilometers and eight kilometers again at nighttime.” There was a specific way to make it most effective.

Kun pointed out a leisurely walk wasn’t the way to go. Speed was your friend, enough to get the blood pumping, “Walk, walk fast. You should maintain your own heartbeat over one hundred forty.” If you couldn’t measure your heart rate with a device, he offered a solution, “You know how you should do it? You should breathe a little faster but only to the extent that you’re able to speak.

With the exercise out of the way, Kun couldn’t forget to mention the other part of losing weight: food. Rather than not eating or barely eating, he explained the importance of healthy eating.

There was no need to change your meals or cut them out altogether. It was all about portion control, “You should eat meals normally, though. You don’t have to eat salads or other similar foods. You just need to reduce the amount of your ordinary amount of meal.

Xiaojun, Ten, Lucas, and Yangyang all agreed with him. Yangyang even clapped to show how much he supported the response.

Because some people may want to cut corners and try a simpler method to lose the pounds, Kun warned about how dangerous it could be, “Eating is really important. You should never take the fasting diet. If you take the fasting diet, you’d certainly get the yo-yo effect.

Kun essentially proved there wasn’t an overnight way to lose weight naturally. A minor change in eating and implementing some exercise was all it took, “So, eat normal food and exercise as I said earlier. Eight kilometers in the morning, eight kilometers at nighttime, three to four times a week. Then, it’d work. It’s this simple. I tried going on a diet with this method before, as well.” The rest of them burst into a round of applause from the solid advice.

If Kun has been able to maintain an eight-pack and a slim figure over the years, he’s had more than enough experience on the subjects of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Listen to Kun’s advice on how to lose weight healthily by tweaking your eating and exercise habits just a bit.