We Can’t Believe They Let WayV’s WinWin And Lucas Out Looking This Hot

Like, for real.

WayV‘s WinWin and Lucas just made it past their mandatory self-quarantine a week ago and they’re already making waves in China. The pair traveled from South Korea to China and were required to stay in for 21 days. While Lucas had fun updating fans about his shenanigans, WinWin took the opportunity to present fans with a calm and quiet vlog.

The two stepped out on the scene for GQ Connect Muse‘s red carpet event and let us just say, they be lookin’ hot as hell.

Sir, your beauty is illegal.

Although WinWin normally presents an innocent and adorable image to fans, his look that day hits different.

Mr Wong, we’d like an explanation…

…on how you’re looking so fly.

They look even better in video.

This set of black and white portraits are everything.

| @摄影师Gabrielle/Weibo
| @摄影师Gabrielle/Weibo

We are looking respectfully.

The last for the night.

9 April 2021, will now forever be engraved in our brains, and probably also in our search bookmarks for whenever we need some serious eye candy.