A Fan Nailed Ten’s Legendary “Mona Lisa” Costume Perfectly And WayV Couldn’t Handle It

Ten’s “Mona Lisa” has returned!

Fans have come up with some pretty creative themes and costumes to incorporate into their bias group’s concerts, fanmeetings, and more, but one fan at a WayV fansign event took things to another level by perfectly recreating Ten‘s iconic “Mona Lisa” Halloween Costume.


Back in 2018, Ten blessed us all with his own Mona Lisa’s smile when he dressed up as the famous artwork for SM Entertainment‘s annual Halloween party and since then his costume, as well as his intense Mona Lisa dancing, has reached legendary status!


So when Kun suddenly locked his eyes on a fan dressed as Mona Lisa Ten during WayV’s fansign event in Shenzhen, China at the end of December, his whole face immediately lit up. Upon spotting the fan, he had to share the discovery with Ten and once Ten had seen her, well, his reaction was priceless!


That, however, wasn’t the last they would see of this fun fan! The next day, WayV held another fan event in Guangzhou where once again they suddenly found themselves face to face with the amazing cosplayer! This time, the fan even surprised them by recreating Ten’s viral fancam!


And after showcasing their moves, the fan even got a special autograph from Ten!


While WayV definitely loved the amazing costume and dance performance, they weren’t the only ones! Fans all over the world went wild for this fan’s perfect cosplay.



Image credit: @储昂二十加’/Weibo