WayV Wasn’t Ready For How Savagely Yangyang’s Mom Roasted His Ariel Costume

Even Yangyang had to laugh at the comment.

For Winwin‘s birthday, WayV tapped into their inner Disney princess by serving looks and laughter with their costumes. From Yangyang‘s hilarious reveal of what his mom had to say about the look, the group and fans weren’t the only ones amused.

When they were filming and Yangyang was decked out in his Ariel costume from The Little Mermaid, he admitted to giving his mom a sneak peek at the look. “On that day, I sent a photo of myself to my mom.

Before Yangyang could even finish the sentence, Winwin burst into laughter at what was coming.

Since he was dressed femininely, Yangyang sent a fitting question to his mom. “I asked, ‘Do I look like you when you were young?’” Rather than being gentle, his mom didn’t bite her tongue.

Causing a round of loud laughter, Yangyang revealed, “My mom said, ‘You’re so ugly.’” The savage response had everyone cracking up—even Yangyang. Winwin could barely stay in his seat from laughing so hard.

To be fair, they did Yangyang dirty with his frizzy wig. At least they can all have a laugh about it now and another when they look back at it—especially thanks to Yangyang’s mom.

| WayV/YouTube


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